WGEF founder Karen Sugar sits with Betty, a WGEF client since 2008. Betty is well respected in the community as a role model and business entrepreneur. She runs several agricultural projects and is very active in speaking out about women’s rights.


Karen Sugar has spent the majority of her adult life working for social justice. She helps women and families living in poverty, creating solutions that improve security while empowering women.

In 2007, Ms. Sugar created Women's Global Empowerment Fund based on her belief that bundling microcredit with social programming not only alleviates poverty, but also can be the basis for revolutionary change. She works in the Gulu office of WGEF several weeks a year, facilitating trainings, visiting businesses and listening.

“The motivation behind WGEF is based on the belief that women are natural leaders and, when given opportunities, they are able to determine their own futures, play an important role in their communities and countries, and rise above poverty with dignity. Four years ago, these women had no idea they even had a future. Women who faced unimaginable violence and poverty are now running businesses and sending their kids to school and running for political office. That's a testament to the resiliency of the human spirit.”
– Karen Sugar

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