Women’s Global Empowerment Fund supports women through economic, social and political programs; creating opportunities while addressing inequality, strengthening families and building communities. By providing women in post-conflict Uganda with microloans and a broad range of leadership development and education programs, WGEF helps them to gain economic stability and independence while rebuilding their lives and communities.

Women’s Global Empowerment Fund was created in 2007 in response to the 25-year brutal insurgency in northern Uganda. In this post-conflict region, women and children have experienced unimaginable violence and chronic poverty. The insurgency left the region unstable, economically stagnant, and vulnerable to security issues.

Northern Uganda is now in full recovery, and there’s hope for lasting peace and reconciliation in the region; what’s needed now is a comprehensive support package, including access to clean water and sanitation, health services and education. This is where the Women’s Global Empowerment Fund is making an impact on the community and providing an opportunity for sustainable human development. The women in the WGEF program are going to school, feeding their children and creating viable businesses.

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