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The Best Concealers for Dark Circles Under Your Eyes for All Day Wear

There’s no way around it; dark under eye circles are a drag. While a lucky few only get them after a late-night Netflix binge or study session, many of us deal with them regularly due to things like genetics or stress. Ugh. Eye bags are definitely not our favorite accessory, but they can be easily covered up with the best concealers for dark circles. More specifically, the Stay Naked Correcting Concealer and Quickie Multi-Use Dual-Ended Concealer by Urban Decay.

These face makeup essentials are made to deliver non-creasing, never-cakey, and effortlessly smooth coverage that sends eye bags packing. Trust us, one swipe of these products will turn the “you look tired” comments (eye roll) into “you look amazing!” pretty fast. You deserve to feel bright-eyed and beautiful even as you’re yawning through your 8AM meeting, and Urban Decay will never let undereye circles get in the way. Here’s everything to know about our best under eye concealer for dark circles.

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Quickie Multi-Use Dual-Ended Concealer

Why is it the best under eye concealer for dark circles?

Meet Quickie Multi-Use Dual-Ended Concealer, the fast and flawless face makeup that helps you say “ta-ta'' to dark circles in basically no time. There’s a lot to love about the newest Urban Decay product in our Stay Naked collection, from its brush-free and multi-use format to the fact that it’s a contouring favorite… more on that later. It’s known as a quick fix for any skin issue, but it’s the ability to eliminate eye bags that takes the cake (or rather, non-cakey formula) for us. This is a complexion issue that nearly everybody deals with at one point, rather due to genetics or a late-night study session, and Quickie always has your back. And also your face. Simply tap it, buff it, and be done with the most efficiently fast, finger-free, full coverage that lasts up to 24 hours.

Not all eye bags are created equal, and finding the best under eye concealer for dark circles, one that actually lasts isn’t always easy. Those with chronic undereye issues may have tried a few beauty hacks, like jade rollers or cold compresses, or a ten-step makeup tutorial consisting of all types of products. Who has time for that when they need to roll out of bed and get to work or math class? These things will be behind you with Quickie in your beauty drawer, the versatile, fast, and ultra-efficient concealer for dark circles that’s made for everybody. It’s designed to target any skin issue with its high-performance formula, covering up the effects of last night’s Netflix binge with ease to help you look bright-eyed and beautiful.

Who should use it?

Those who desire a quick fix with instant, incredible results will be obsessed with Quickie Multi-Use Dual-Ended Concealer. It’s made for those who tend to wait until the last minute, love a lazy girl hack, and want to have their quick and easy concealer and wear it too. Are you always on the go and ready to tap it, buff it, and be done...but still have insane all-day coverage? You can’t go wrong with Quickies. This face makeup favorite delivers one-swipe full coverage with humidity-proof, transfer-resistant, 24-hour wear that never requires reapplying. And when you remember that Quickie also delivers all-day hydration and an infusion of Vitamin E, you know it’s the go-to for those always on the go.

Another perk of the Quickie Multi-Use Dual-Ended Concealer is right there in the name…it’s super versatile. It’s not just the best concealer for dark circles but also acne scars, redness, stretch marks, dark spots and more! It’s clear that Quickie is a pro at covering things up, but it can also be used to enhance every feature in the form of contouring and highlighting. Using our guide to how to contour for your face-shape, grab two shades of Quickie, one darker than your skin tone and one lighter, and start sketching along your cheekbones, jawline, and forehead. Quickie Multi-Use Concealer is instantly transformative and easy to use, making it a face makeup must-have for those who can’t get enough of easy glam.

Stay Naked Correcting Concealer

Why is it the best under eye concealer for dark circles?

The Stay Naked Correcting Concealer does just that, correct… whether you’re talking about uneven texture, hyperpigmentation, or of course, dark circles. The lightweight, hyper-pigmented, and super-creamy formula will be your holy grail for hiding late-night shenanigans, reducing the look of eye bags without the fear of creasing, caking, or settling into fine lines. Seriously, anybody who has tried our iconic Stay Naked Weightless Liquid Foundation over the past decade knows that this face makeup is the real deal. And she’s instantly better with her full-coverage, eye-bag-erasing little sister. Don’t believe us? Just read some of Urban Decay’s favorite customer reviews to see why our Stay Naked collection has the best under eye concealer for dark circles that you could imagine.

“WOW! The pigmentation is beautiful. Completely covered my dark circles and stayed put all day. LOVE IT!,” writes user StephNeedsMakeup, and she’s not the only one who can’t get enough of the Stay Naked Correcting Concealer. “This is the perfect concealer…easy application, perfect coverage, and stays all day. Covers dark circles well!,” says Marie 7, while UD fam member Tired But Motivated (fitting username, right?) provided perhaps the best compliment yet. “With a good color match, this concealer hides the darkest under eyes and stays all day!,” they wrote in their five-star review, “Love how well it blends. Will be using this product for the rest of my life.”

Not only does this under eye concealer cover dark circles and spots, but it does so with precision and not to brag but, basically perfection. The wave tip applicator allows for more even coverage and specific targeting of those hard-to-reach areas of the face. Use the flat side to lay down the product for larger sections or techniques like contouring, before switching to the precision tip to actively erase barely-there dark circles or hyperpigmentation. Voilà, you’re instantly free of dark spots and armed with a flawless real-skin matte finish for up to 24 hours. Pair it with your go-to shade of Stay Naked Weightless Liquid Foundation to make it a complexion party!

Who should use it?

We’d strongly recommend Stay Naked Correcting Concealer for beauty lovers who can’t make up their minds, and believe us when we tell you that it’s a compliment. Urban Decay has been an advocate for reinventing makeup styles and making them your own since the 90s , and there are no rules that say you have to wear under eye concealer the same way each day. Sometimes you wake up with the worst dark circles for no logical reason and need full coverage to the highest degree, and Stay Naked Correcting Concealer can 100% do it. On other days, your eyes may be a bit brighter, but you still need medium or low coverage of concealer to complete your makeup look. You guessed it… the best concealer for dark circles (plus hyperpigmentation!) always has your back, and also your eyes.

The customizable coverage from your Stay Naked concealer, especially when paired with the best Urban Decay face brushes, is what makes it so versatile. Whether you’re in the mood for full-fledged glam with loads of concealer or barely-there beauty with a real-skin finish, even in the same week, the Stay Naked Correcting Concealer always has a spot in your makeup bag.

Don’t let your dark circles get you down ever again, UD fam, as these concealers will easily hide eye bags and bring out your best look! Visit @UrbanDecay on Instagram or Twitter to tell us if you swear by Quickies, Stay Naked Concealer, or both.

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