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Get The Perfect Smokey Eyes with These Easy Smokey Eye Makeup Looks & Ideas

Black and silver smokey eye

The black and silver smokey eye is one of the most popular takes on this eternal beauty trend, and we totally see why. It’s been requested at endless makeup counters, worn by every A-lister on the red carpet, and remains a go-to when one wants a little drama. New Year’s Eve parties, anyone? The two colors contrast in an undeniably sexy and eye-catching way, producing a metallic work of art that’s a total masterpiece. Whether you’ve been attempting this black and silver smokey eye for years or never thought it was your thing, we’re here to put you in the metallic mood with this eye-conic look.

1. Black and silver smokey eye
2. Copper smokey eye
3. Black and purple smokey eye
4. Olive smokey eye
5. Champagne smokey eye
6. Black and gold smokey eye
7. Dark blue smokey eye

You only need three eyeshadow shades to produce the perfect black and silver smokey eye, all of which can be found in our 24/7 Shadow lineup. First things first, start with a warm brown transition shade. This is blended out into the crease to serve as a roadmap for the two prominent hues, helping you set the stage for the deep matte black outer V. For those who aren’t familiar with the “outer V” technique, it’s only the best dramatic makeup essential, ever. To add depth and dimension, you simply use your makeup brush to create a “V” shape in the outer corners, typically with a deep shade like black or brown. This makes for the best eye looks even before you go in with the silver shadow across your lid, which transforms you into a total smoke show.

Now it's time to top off your look with the ultimate smokey eye essential...our 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil. It’s the #1 eyeliner in the US* that’s always there for you when you need to heat things up! Why is this waterproof eye pencil so perfect for your eye makeup looks? It’s ultra-creamy, pigmented, and long-lasting, staying in place through every date night, bar crawl, or laugh-until-you-cry moment with your squad. It’s also extremely blendable, and easily provides the purposely-smudged liner that’s made for smoked out looks. Use the matte black shade, Perversion, as the base for your black and silver smokey eye to reach a new level of iconic.

*Source: The NPD Group/U.S. Prestige Beauty Total Measured Market, Makeup Product Dollar and Unit Sales, Annual 2021

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Copper smokey eye

Highkey, we can’t live without copper here at Urban Decay. The reddish-brown hue looks flawless on basically everybody and can be played up for both subtle and striking beauty effects. A simple shadow sweep would suffice for a day at work or a family outing, but WWCD when she’s in an angsty mood? Show off the best smokey eye makeup, of course. A copper smokey eye carries you through all seasons and social events, becoming your go-to daytime look for sweater weather and so much more

The copper smokey eye was made for those who aren’t the biggest fans of black but still want a lit look. Guess what? You need a handful of shades from our Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette to get it! Start by blending the brown matte called “Low Blow” into your crease as a transition shade, leaving the lid mostly bare minus the outer V. You can then go in with your favorite copper shade, either “Lumbre” speckled with shimmery gold particles or the metallic “Ember” mixed with a bit of burgundy for year-round fall vibes. Don’t forget your Eyeshadow Primer Potion, of course, which can transform powder shades into a cream shadow for a flawless base and softer take on the smokey eye.

Black and purple smokey eye

Urban Decay called, and we 100% want you to create a black and purple smokey eye based on our signature colors. It’s a lewk that’s equally glam and grunge, allowing you to put your blending skills on full blast and be the rockstar you truly are. This dramatic smokey eye is a bit more complicated than other techniques you may have tried, but it’s 100% worth it when you see the finished product. These ultra-intense colors create infinite depth and dimension for any eye color, and we can’t wait to see your UD-inspired masterpiece in selfie mode.

For a black and purple smokey eye, you’ll want to put your Naked palettes away for now and do a deep dive into your eyeshadow singles. After priming to perfection, go in with the 24/7 Shadow in the shade “Free Bird,” a sheer lilac shimmer, and apply it across your crease, lower lash line, and entire lid. You’ll then do almost the same with “Set List,” a deeper purple shimmer, except that you should focus more on your outer corner and waterline and keep the center of your lid ready for the third hue. The eyeshadow portion of this masterpiece comes to a close with Moondust Eyeshadow, prepared to make your black and purple smokey eye all kinds of extra.

After using an adhesive glue or an additional dab of our Eyeshadow Primer Potion in the middle of your eyelid, the Moondust Eyeshadow in the shade “Intergalactic” will be your grand finale. Use the brush to pack on this rich purple shimmer, being careful to avoid the brow bone or outer corners. This helps to create a multidimensional violet effect that only amps up the intensity of your black and purple smokey eye. Pro tip: you can go even more grungy or aim for a more dramatic look with a few extras. Our 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Perversion outlines your eye art in the blackest of black, while a set of false lashes goes a long way for any smoke show.

Olive smokey eye

It’s not easy being green…especially when you’re talking about one of the most underrated dramatic smokey eye looks in the beauty universe. It’s time to give the olive smokey eye the attention it deserves, okay? Deep and shimmery green is all kinds of gorgeous on everybody, as evidenced by tutorials from mega-influencers like Carli Bybel and Manny MUA. The eye-catching hue works even better with pops of gold, brown, gray, and other earthy tones, all of which can be found in our Wild Greens Palette for a vibe that’s both fierce and fresh.

From soft brown transition shades to every green you can imagine, you’ll always be prepared for the best smokey eye makeup with the Wild Greens Palette. We’d recommend a half-cut-crease to let your creativity run wild, as it’s not going to be easy choosing just a few colors. For the primary hue? The lineup is lit. “Kale” is an olive matte made for the best smokey eye looks, but those who love shimmer will also be obsessed with these shadow picks. “Twist” is a green metallic with golden specks, “Prickly” is a minty green-blue with icy pearls, and “Stash” is a mossy green that’s made for wild nights. Pretty cool, right?

Dab a touch of “Fuzz,” a mega-metallic with orange, gold, and green, on your inner corners to complete your olive eye effect… which will look flawless beyond your wildest greens. Oops, we totally meant dreams. Similar to the copper we told you about earlier, this look is super-versatile and can be worn any way you’d like. You never need a reason to rock this timeless beauty trend, and the olive smokey eye will make everybody green with envy.

Champagne smokey eye

Sipping champagne by night and wearing the subtle, chic, and comforting color on your lids by day? We love this for you. While the best smokey eye makeup is often associated with after-hours shenanigans, this is (mostly) a myth. Wearing this look in broad daylight is not only acceptable but encouraged; you just need to know your hues to own the daytime smokey eye. Softer shades like lilac, rose gold, and peach are poppin’, but we’re especially fond of champagne. Combining pale tints of yellow, orange, and gold like your favorite drink, this shade appears effortlessly glamorous on all skin tones and eye colors. It enhances the natural beauty of your eyes for more of an elevated experience than a total transformation. This makes the daytime smoky eye ideal for work, lunch dates, Zoom meetings, and anything else we do before our heads hit the pillow.

You know how brown eyeliner adds dimension and depth to your eyes to produce an unreal yet totally natural makeup look? Brown eyeshadow does something similar, especially when paired with sweet-yet-sexy champagne. All you need to do is sweep on our 24/7 Moondust Shadow in “Space Cowboy,” a light champagne gold with silver sparkle, while the transition shade does the rest. Blend an iced coffee-esque hue into your crease, lower lash line, and outer V to define your eyes and bring out the sparkle in Space Cowboy, darling. Champagne makes for a quick, easy, and exquisite daytime smokey eye for either work or play!

Black and gold smokey eye

Are you ready to be Queen Bee, but in the dramatic smokey eye sense? You can’t go wrong with black and gold hues, creating a regal makeup look that’s made to turn heads. Both colors are associated with old-timey glamour, yet the modern eyeshadow effects are everything. Halo eye, cut crease, glitter bomb… all these styles can be easily smoked out the Urban Decay way, and we know you’ll discover the power of precious metals with a black and gold smokey eye.

Similar to the black and silver smokey eye, this look is unapologetically extra. Sparkly gold eyelids, expertly-curled lashes, and heavy black eyeliner? It’s extravagant, but we love her for it, and it’s one of the best makeup trends to take your party looks to the next level. You’ll need to pull out your 24/7 Shadow and Moondust Eyeshadow to achieve this volume of sparkle, paying close attention to the shading detail and gold shimmer for peak drama and dimension.

You can’t go wrong with a halo for your black and gold smokey eye makeup, as it lets the glitter take the spotlight without making the matte black feel left out. And then there’s the trusted transition shade, which pulls the entire lewk together. After applying a warm brown hue to your crease and lower lash line, you can go in with the 24/7 Shadow in the shade “Blackout” to elevate even your most intricate makeup looks. Instead of doing an outer V like our other techniques, you’ll shade both the outer and inner corners with matte black shadow, leaving the center of the lid bare. Now it’s time to go for the gold, gorgeous. Use an adhesive glue or dose of our Eyeshadow Primer Potion to dab the center of your eyelid before packing on the 24/7 Shadow in the metallic gold “Overdraft” for an opulent and dramatic smokey eye.

Dark blue smokey eye

Calling all Virgos and Libras, the September birthstone is everything, and we hope you don’t mind us stealing it for the best dark blue smokey eye ever. It pairs perfectly with the silver, charcoal, and black shades that make up the best smokey looks, drawing attention to all eye colors and making a statement with sapphire. While typically known as a dramatic smokey eye for evening soirees, we never discriminate regarding the best eye looks. Daytime eye makeup with bursts of blue, gray, and brown is totally possible! Whether you need a perfectly sheer pop of color or the most pigmented sapphire, UD always has your back when it comes to a dark blue smokey eye.

When you want to take your dramatic or daytime smokey eye to superhero status, look no further than the UD x Marvel Studios’ She-Hulk Eyeshadow Palette. “ Take a Stand” is the matte brown transition shade that your crease deserves, while “Super Shut Up” is a deep and dreamy duochrome shimmer that will be a game changer for your glam looks. All you need to do is blend this exquisite blue across your lid with bursts of matte black, charcoal, pewter, or cocoa (your choice!) to achieve the best smokey looks that are superhero-approved.

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